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Aging Gracefully in the United States

As we are aging health should be a concern to every single one of us because none individuals can avoid the consequence of aging. Today there are around 55 million seniors in the United States. By simply 2036 you will have over 80 mil. In 1940 someone that was sixty five could anticipate living another 18 years. Today a 66…

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Aging Gracefully

Carolyn’s Adult Care began as a residential care facility with a professional staff in a compassionate and loving environment. Unlike large, impersonal retirement centers, Carolyn’s Adult Care was a warm, comfortable and respectful establishment designed to provide safety, security and a relaxing social atmosphere with premium medical care. Carolyn’s Adult Care provided for a wide range of needs whether for a short overnight stay or…

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Essential Oil Diffusers
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Why you should get an Essential Oils Diffuser for your home

Essential oils are the highly concentrated liquid extracted from stems, flowers, leaves or other parts of various plants. This liquid is usually distilled into pure oil. Essential oils are not actually oils, but are called oils because they are usually slippery and are not usually water soluble. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils because they will evaporate into…

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Quick Healthy Meal Ideas
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Quick healthy meal ideas for the mom on the go

Healthy and easy meal ideas start with nutritious ingredients. One of the most nutritious protein sources around is tuna, that versatile household staple. Tuna contains 39g of protein per serving, with only 1g of fat! This makes it a powerhouse food for health-conscious cooks, and many of them have developed recipes that use tuna rather than red meat. Not only…

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